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Colorado Springs Tax Debt Relief Attorney

Tax and Debt Reduction Services in Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs Tax Debt Relief AttorneyIf you owe back taxes and you are a Colorado Springs resident, then you are most likely stressing about the debt that is hanging over your head. From dealing with continuous IRS correspondence in the mail to collection calls, you are probably wondering if there is a light at the end of the tunnel…

Unfortunately, this situation won’t go away until you deal with it. The IRS won’t give up until they get paid.

What Can You Do Today?

But there is hope if you are a delinquent taxpayer or if you owe more than $10,000 in back owed taxes. The Colorado Springs tax attorney, David Kelly is prepared to help both individual and corporate taxpayers who are struggling to find a way out and tackle their tax debt…for good.

Attorney David Kelly will help you find the right resolution to relieve your outstanding tax debt and get your feet back on solid financial ground. The tax debt services in Colorado Springs are specifically designed to resolve your tax issues quickly and professionally.

Dealing with the government on your own can feel like you are navigating a difficult maze where one wrong turn can lead to a disaster. It can get pretty scary dealing with the IRS if you are not sure what to do, so let David Kelly’s knowledge and experience lead you safely through the government maze. He will seamlessly deal with the IRS and ensure that your best interests are taken care of.

How Can Attorney Kelly Help?

The IRS has some of the best Colorado Springs Tax Debt Relief Attorney tax attorneys working with them, so you deserve to be represented by the best there is to offer as well. Attorney David Kelly has over 50 years of experience representing clients and helping them with their tax debt. He will dedicate his time and experience to solving your case quickly and in a way that is gentle on your wallet.

Here are some ways that Attorney David Kelly can help you conquer tax debt:

  • Negotiating settlements for the abatement of penalties
  • Reach an Offer of Compromise
  • Solve tax debt issues
  • Answer your questions
  • Save you time, money, and hassle

Debt Reduction Services in Colorado Springs

If you are facing tax debt issues, do not face them on your own. Let Attorney David Kelly deal with the IRS and help you find the resolution you need. Call the Law Office of David Kelly in Colorado Springs at 719-577-4466 to schedule your initial appointment and case evaluation for FREE today.