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A Tax Law Attorney in Colorado Springs You Can Trust!

Colorado Springs Tax Attorney Is there anything that makes us cringe like tax laws? Probably not. Tax laws can be quite complicated and confusing. In Colorado a 4.63% rate is collected on federal taxable income. Every estate, individual, business, and trust must file a federal tax return each year.

You may want to initially try to solve your tax issues on your own, but once you get into the process, you may find that you’ve dug yourself too deep…and you need a way out. Attorney David Kelly can help you find your way out. Trying to understand the tax laws, penalties, and having to sort through your issue with the IRS can be extremely time consuming, confusing, frustrating, and even a little overwhelming. Trust an experienced tax attorney Colorado Springs to take care of it for you.

If you are delinquent on your taxes, then you may face the following penalties:

  • Penalties on back-owed amounts
  • Real estate property liens
  • Bank account and other investment account liens
  • Wage garnishments

Some of the areas of tax law that Attorney Kelly can help with include:

  • Tax debt and relief
  • IRS correspondence—and what it means for your tax situation
  • Offers of Compromise

If you find yourself confused by Colorado’s tax laws or if you need an attorney to help you with a pending tax case or other tax and debt relief, then turn to Attorney David Kelly, who is a highly respected and experienced tax attorney in Colorado Springs. Attorney Kelly will help guide you through the resolution process and find the best possible solution and outcome for your unique tax situation.

Every client can count on personalized service and will quickly find peace of mind knowing his or her case is being handled by an experienced and professional tax attorney in Colorado Springs. The Law Office of David Kelly knows that your case is important to you. Any case that is important to you is important to us, too. We will make your case our top priority to provide you with personal and professional assistance from day one. We pride ourselves on providing all of our clients with personalized care, excellent customer service and competitive legal fees.

Attorney David Kelly will thoroughly review your case and provide you with the best answers and solutions for your particular tax situation. He will share with you the options that best meet your needs and guide you through the process of working with the IRS toward a resolution.

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