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Meet Attorney David Kelly

For over 50 years, David Kelly has helped thousands of members of the Colorado Springs community with their tax issues. Attorney Kelly believes in serving his community in the most professional way possible. This is why he dedicates his time and practice to helping individuals and businesses with their taxes issues.

Attorney Kelly is a licensed Colorado attorney with over 50 years of experience working with a diverse client base to resolve tax concerns and provide complete tax resolution services.

David helps both individual and corporate taxpayers to solve their delinquent tax issues, alleviate tax debt, and even assist with income and payroll taxes. If a particular individual or corporate client has missed a year of taxes or has several years of delinquent taxes, then Attorney Kelly, tax attorney in Colorado Springs is an excellent resource.

If the IRS has threatened to garnish your wages or file tax liens, then Attorney Kelly will share with you the many programs and strategies that are available to you. By taking the time to speak with Attorney Kelly, he will use his many years of experience and knowledge to solve your tax issues, suggest possible resolution strategies, and help to save you and your business from astronomical fees, penalties, and even imprisonment.

For more information on how Attorney David Kelly can help with you with your tax and debt relief, contact the Law Office of David Kelly today for an initial consultation by calling the office at 719-577-4466.

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