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What You Need to Know for the 2016 Tax Season

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Tax season is upon us again. Many individuals and businesses have taxes on their minds, and software providers, tax authorities, tax prepares, and even tax attorneys like us are all on high alert—ready to meet the demands of this year’s tax season. Learn more about what you can expect this year when filing your 2015 taxes.
Colorado Springs Tax Lawyer

Various issues associated with the 2015 filing season for taxes in 2014 had a great increase in terms of tax fraud and declines in expectations about the customer service with the IRS.

Most of the changes for this year will have to do with security and timelines, but you can increase your own chances of successful filing or dealing with an outstanding issue by hiring a Colorado Springs tax attorney.

Read on to learn more about what’s on tap for 2016.

New Security Measures on the Horizon

Tax officials and tax preparation companies are looking to include new security measures in effort to crack down on criminals who use stolen identifying details to file fraudulent tax returns.

This is why some tax officials in Colorado Springs and beyond are asking filers to have patience while authorities attempt to gather plenty of details to minimize the chances of identity theft before a refund is paid out.

Slower Turnaround Times for Refunds

According to the Deputy Director of the Federation of Tax Administrators, Verenda Smith, fast refunds are a thing of the past. Now state tax agencies are using letters, quizzes, and other measures to gather the right amount of information for consumers.

They are also looking at identities against driver’s license databases. Software providers are also requiring account holders to use tighter login requirements and passwords to minimize the chances that a criminal could access their personally identifying information.

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Multi-Factor Authentication for Online Channels

Multi-factor authentication is also expected to increase this year. One of the most important things you can do to prepare for this tax season is to work with a Colorado Springs tax lawyer.

Having a tax attorney who can help you with any outstanding issues can be extremely beneficial. Having disagreements over your refund amount or requested amendments to your tax returns as well as audits can be very frustrating and disheartening for sure.

When You Need Help with a Tax Issue

There’s no doubt that any kind of confusion or SNAFU with the IRS can cause you to have high levels of anxiety. It can be tempting to avoid dealing with the problem at all, but the most important thing you can do is acknowledge that there’s an issue.

Even if you have made a solid effort to address an outstanding tax issue, you might be confronting the limits of bureaucracy.

Having a Colorado Springs tax attorney step in to handle what you need can be very beneficial. This way you don’t have to worry about ignoring the problem but you also know that someone knowledgeable and committed to your case is working on it.

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Why it Can’t Hurt to Call a Colorado Springs Tax Attorney

Problems with filing your taxes this season

Whether you need individual tax representation, debt relief or tax resolution or assistance with your corporate taxes, having someone who knows the lay of the land and can help you avoid common missteps is essential.

Do not hesitate to get help when you have tax questions. Being organized and providing all of your materials to your accountant on time can go a long way towards minimizing problems with filing your taxes this season.

Even if you believe that you’ve done everything correctly, tax issues do arise that warrant the insight of someone experienced in handling complicated problems. You should not attempt to deal with escalated issues on your own.

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