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Individual Tax Representation

An Individual Tax Representation Lawyer in Colorado Springs You Can Trust

Tax RepresentationEach individual’s tax debt situation is different. Regardless of whether you are dealing with compliance with tax laws or a tax levy, Attorney David Kelly, tax resolution services attorney in Colorado Springs can help you to resolve your tax issues as quickly as possible and in a proficient and professional manner.

Dealing with the IRS on your own can be stressful and intimidating, especially if you are trying to fight them on your own. But by working with a reputable and experienced tax resolution services attorney, you don’t have to! Attorney David Kelly at the Law Office of David Kelly in Colorado Springs is more than happy to help you deal with the IRS. You will be able to work with a professional legal team to help you protect your financial interests.

Many individuals who are delinquent on their taxes try to resolve the situation on their own. They are often embarrassed, ashamed or too far deep in the hole to ask for help. But in trying to alleviate and resolve this situation, unfortunately, they only make matters worse. This is why it is important to count on an experienced tax resolutions attorney for individual tax representation.

How a Tax Resolution Services Attorney in Colorado Springs Can Help with Individual Tax Representation

Attorney David Kelly can assist in the following areas of individual tax representation:

  • Solving tax issues
  • Requesting an Offer of Compromise
  • Calculating losses and back owed taxes
  • Setting up payment plans for back owed taxes
  • Responding to inquiry letters and other IRS correspondence on your behalf

Stop the Stress and Get Tax Debt Help Today

If tax debt issues have got you stressed, then you will likely benefit from working with a knowledgeable tax resolution services attorney in Colorado Springs. Put your trust in Attorney David Kelly and find out how he can help you with your unique individual tax representation.

Call a tax resolution services attorney in Colorado Springs today at 719-577-4466. Call to schedule your initial FREE case evaluation and get on the road to tax relief and financial freedom today. It all starts with a phone call, so call the Law Office of David Kelly or fill out the contact form on this page today.